Acute echo services for your outpatient clinics

ICS Diagnostics provide specialist onsite integrated echocardiography services, delivering our customers across the UK with tailored capacity solutions ranging from 20-600+ patients a month.

We provide capacity for the following tests:

  • Outpatient TTE Echo Clinics
  • Inpatient Echo Clinics
  • Advanced Echo clinics

Key supporting information

  • Outpatient Slots: All of our standard outpatient TTE clinics operate at 40-minute intervals, with scanning and reporting onsite. All reports are finalised and stored the same day
  • Our Team: All of our advanced clinical specialists within our regional teams are BSE accredited (or have an alternative accreditation as recognised by the BSE) and have more than 2+ years? experience post-accreditation
  • Clinical Quality: We fully adhere to BSE guidelines on ?minimum dataset for transthoracic echocardiography?. We audit our work monthly, reviewing 10% of all work performed, and we report quarterly to our customers on quality, activity, and against all agreed KPIs
  • Bespoke Workflows: We employ a partnership approach to every contract we run, therefore we can use local equipment, systems and workflows if required, or we can provide an echo machine and reporting system to provide the end-to-end diagnostic test. We are always happy to talk to our customers around their specific operational requirements, and we can provide cover both at weekdays and weekends

Key benefits

  • Two specialist, accredited echocardiographers involved with each patient
  • Increased patient throughput and therefore increased NHS tariff revenue
  • Reduction in waiting times
  • Reduced number of breached referrals
  • Release sessions and modalities for complex high-tariff work
  • Secure, reliable, flexible BSE accredited (or equivalent) staffing
  • Guaranteed turnaround reporting times in line BSE reporting recommendations


ICS Diagnostics scans patient onsite

Step 1

ICS Diagnostics scans patient onsite

Scan uploaded to secure platform

Step 2

Scan uploaded to local or ICS image storage

Completes report remotely

Step 3

Report completed on local or ICS reporting system

Finalised report returned to you by end of day

Step 4

Finalised report returned to you by end of day

Further information

  • Workforce: All services provided by qualified, accredited and compliant staff
  • Quality Benchmark: CQC-registered service. Strict quality management and clinical governance processes are in place to ensure services remain at the highest possible level
  • Clinical Innovation: All scans are categorised 1-4 in line with diagnostic findings
  • Audit:Monthly audit of the work performed across levels, clinic dates and staff, reviewing 10% of all work
  • Reporting:Quarterly reporting of activity, quality and against KPIs
  • Communication:Constant open communication between Provider/Customer
  • Support network:Access to second expert opinion

If you require further information on our range of services please get in contact here.