Clinical governance

ICS Diagnostics is committed to ensuring effective governance of its service provision. Our comprehensive and robust systems ensure the highest standards of clinical governance and information security, helping us to ensure quality is maintained at all times.

Our services involve:

  • Direct patient communication (through the management clinic lists for our customers)
  • Remote reporting and reviewing of patient echocardiography images on our secure cloud-based echo system
  • Training and mentoring our customers’ BSE accredited echocardiographers
  • Throughout all our interactions, ICS Diagnostics focuses on the things that matter: patient wellbeing, information security, service excellence and effective leadership.

Clinical governance processes

  • External governance
    The ICS Diagnostics Clinical Advisory Board consists of experienced cardiologists, imaging consultants and senior chief cardiac physiologists. They review our work on a monthly basis to ensure we maintain the highest quality standards at all times.

  • Internal governance
    ICS Diagnostics reviews 20% of all scans and reports to meet national industry guidelines, as recommended by the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE). Undertaking regular clinical audits and quality assurance work ensures we maintain clinical quality at all times. Contact us for more information.

CQC registration

Our policies and processes have been developed with the five key areas underpinning the Care Quality Commission inspections in mind. By delivering services that are aligned with these key areas, ICD Diagnostics can ensure it complies with all regulatory requirements and that the patient is at the forefront of everything that we do:


We ensure our staff are fully compliant and that they undertake all mandatory training requirements. This ensures their awareness regarding roles and responsibilities to vulnerable patients.


We only recruit BSE (or equivalent) accredited echocardiographers to work for our business and will work with only the most experienced clinicians. All our clinicians must pass stringent compliance checks prior to commencement of employment. Staff are empowered to be accountable for their performance whilst being proactively supported by the ICS Diagnostics Clinical Governance team. Our clinicians are supported with training and education including clinical supervision, overseen by both internal external governance processes. All our clinicians are expected to maintain their BSE accreditation.


Our staff members will treat all patients and colleagues with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. This ethos is promoted through our group policies and our mandatory training programmes on dignity and respect. Our clinicians adhere to the BSE echocardiographers’ Code of Conduct, which not only fo-cuses on clinical excellence but also integrity and full regard for the public interest.


Our services have been specifically designed to meet customer need. In 2017 we undertook a thorough market research project to investigate the key issues facing the UK’s echocardiography industry. The results of this research provided the framework for this pioneering new support service which we be-lieve will help increase the capacity and quality of echocardiography services around the world. We are an adaptable service and support improvement measures to ensure the patient is always at the fore-front of everything that we do.

We understand the importance of feedback so undertake regular patient and customer surveys. Based on the results of these surveys, and in conjunction with changes to customer requirements and regulato-ry changes, we proactively adapt our processes and policies to ensure clinical excellence. We continu-ously seek ways to improve our overall operational and clinical performance.

Well led

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care, based on your individual needs, in a supportive learn-ing and innovative environment that promotes an open and fair culture. Our clinical leadership team plays a vital part in this. Click here to learn more about our key staff members.

Information security

As ours is a technology-driven service, information security is key. We have partnered with the latest healthcare technology providers to support our service range; they hold the necessary ISO certifications which demonstrates compliance regarding best practice and provides independent, expert verification that information security is managed in line with international best practice.

Our parent company ICS Group ensures we are General Data Protection (GDPR) compliant and that our Information Governance statement is updated regularly to ensure we are meeting the latest require-ments. The ICS Group is ISO 27001 certified (the international information security standard covering all stored information). The Group holds IG Toolkit and Cyber Essentials certification and has a dedicated Caldicott Guardian to ensure adherence to all six Caldicott principles.

We work very closely with our customers and their IT services to ensure data security is a priority throughout the entire process. Once each report has been completed it is returned to our customer’s location of choice and can simultaneously be sent to the referrer for timely management or action.

If you're interested in finding out more, email us on or call the team on 020 4764 0777.