A full service for your outpatient clinics

ICS Diagnostics will supply a specialist BSE accredited (or equivalent) echocardiographer to run a pre-booked, high-quality, high-volume echo clinic in your department or clinic, using your modality.

We adhere to BSE guidelines on ‘minimum dataset for transthoracic echocardiography’. We go beyond BSE recommendations allowing 25-30 minutes per scan followed by 15-25 minutes per report.

Studies will be uploaded and reported remotely by the ICS Diagnostics Reporting Bureau, a team of specialist BSE accredited (or equivalent) echocardiographers. Finalised reports will be returned to a location of choice by the end of the day. Your clinical staff will have secure access through the cloud-based echocardiography technology to view all studies and reports.

Key benefits

  • Two specialist, accredited echocardiographers involved with each patient
  • Increased patient throughput and therefore increased NHS tariff revenue
  • Reduction in waiting times
  • Reduced number of breached referrals
  • Release sessions and modalities for complex high-tariff work
  • Secure, reliable, flexible BSE accredited (or equivalent) staffing
  • Guaranteed turnaround reporting times in line BSE reporting recommendations


ICS Diagnostics scans patient onsite

Step 1

ICS Diagnostics scans patient onsite

Scan uploaded to secure platform

Step 2

Scan uploaded to secure cloud-based platform

Completes report remotely

Step 3

ICS Diagnostics completes report remotely

Finalised report returned to you by end of day

Step 4

Finalised report returned to you by end of day

Clinical information

  • Pre and post-echo triage processes for fast tracking patients to clinical intervention
  • Ability to alert and send reports and images to referrer
  • Report turnaround guaranteed same day to meet BSE clinical guidelines
  • Access to second expert opinion

If you require further information on our range of services please get in contact here.