Integrated ECG and ABPM analysis services

ICS Diagnostics provides a consultant-led general practitioners (GPs) rapid access model of care providing specialist integrated ECG analysis services at both primary and secondary care levels. Our specialist diagnostic services empower GPs and referring clinicians to make accurate treatment decisions quickly.

Seamless integration via Spacelabs

Our services integrate seamlessly with Spacelabs Sentinel software, enabling the accurate and fast remote data-transfer of tests across to our analysis centre.

Expert NHS consultant-led diagnostic services

Our Care Quality Commission-regulated services fully align with National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) standards, and best-practice guidance from The Society for Cardiological Science and Technology (SCST), the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS), the British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS), Arrhythmia Alliance, STARS, and the BHF.

Clear referral pathway

We apply our core values of clinical excellence to deliver a four-stage Red, Amber, Green (RAG) care pathway, enabling GPs and referring clinicians to make quick accurate treatment decisions with confidence. All Amber and Red reports are analysed by an experienced cardiac physiologist and an NHS consultant cardiologist, with onward patient management plan guidance provided.

Same day and 24-hour turnaround times

All reports are returned within 24 hours as standard, with urgent results returned by the end of the same day. Our operations including our analysis centre are based in our central London offices. Our hours of operation are 08:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday, with out-of-hours operations support available 24/7. A weekend analysis service is available upon request.

Key benefits

  • Cost savings – save up to 70% per patient compared to the cost of a standard outpatient referral
  • Fast turnaround times – all reports delivered back within 24 hours, with urgent reports back by COB the same day
  • Clinical excellence – work with diagnostic and consultant cardiologist experts in the field of cardiac rhythm analysis for accurate clinical guidance. All reports seen by experienced cardiac physiologist with over three years NHS experience in ECG analysis, and all Amber and Red reports reviewed by an NHS Consultant Cardiologist the same da
  • Easy integration – seamless connection with your existing Spacelabs software and monitors. We can provide full equipment setup if required
  • Clinical quality – strict consultant-led quality management and robust clinical governance processes
  • Reduce unnecessary referrals - clear referral pathway specifically for GPs, with cardiologist guidance as standard for Amber and Red reports. Significantly reduce unnecessary referrals to secondary care
  • Flexible analysis capacity - ensure fluctuations in demand are always covered
  • Bespoke workflows - tailored pathways which meet local needs and preferences
  • Onsite support
  • Collaborative partnerships - a visible integrated relationship with an organisation keen to improve local knowledge of cardiac diagnostic services, including onsite support and training when needed
  • Backlog clearance – a bespoke service for acute NHS services who require support with ECG/ABPM backlogs of analysis work


Scans patient onsite

Step 1

ECG/ABPM fitted and recorded locally

Scan uploaded

Step 2

ECG/ABPM sent to ICS electronically for analysis

Completes report remotely

Step 3

ICS staff in our analysis centre receive, analyse and complete the ECG/ABPM report

Finalised report returned to you

Step 4

Finalised report returned to you within 24 hours (same day for urgent cases)

Clinical information

  • An easy-to-use 4-stage RAG care pathway, with onward patient management guidance provided by NHS consultant cardiologists for all Amber and Red reports
  • Clear clinical thresholds ratified by NHS consultant cardiologists, and agreed with customers prior to go-live
  • A well-defined care pathway that supports GPs to manage patients in all cases, including emergencies
  • Clinician/referrer alert provides immediate ‘link’ to scan and report for urgent action
  • We operate a daily consultant cardiologist assessment window, 18:00 – 19:30, during which escalated reports are reviewed and the previous day’s GP queries are answered
  • Ongoing communication between diagnostic/medical leads and customers to provide further clarification when needed
  • Strict clinical quality management processes, including weekly and monthly diagnostic and consultant-led audits to ensure quality remains high at all times
  • Strict recruitment and induction criteria hand-pick the analysis staff that work for us
  • A dedicated clinical governance team

If you require further information on our range of services please get in contact here.