Remote Reporting service

ICS Diagnostics will provide remote analysis of unreported echocardiograms. This service is available in one of three ways:

Planned reporting lists

ICS Diagnostics will provide committed, regular reporting support to your lists. All reports will be performed by the ICS Diagnostics Reporting Bureau. This platinum level service ensures all reports are guaranteed to be returned the same day.

On-demand reporting

Acting as your ‘safety net', ICS diagnostics will pick up all unreported studies. All reports will be performed by the ICS Diagnostics Reporting Bureau, or by an overflow reporting group of experienced BSE accredited cardiac physiologists. This gold-level service will return as many on the same day as possible, however we guarantee for close-of-business the following day.

On-call cover

ICS Diagnostics will provide 24/7 BSE accredited reporting support, covering both weekdays and weekends. Our experienced BSE accredited cardiac physiologists are ready to support services out-of-hours wherever their location and will be available to report an echocardiogram or give a second opinion within 15 minutes of request being received.

Key benefits

  • Guaranteed reporting accuracy results in confident diagnosis
  • No more catch-up sessions. Increased capacity and improved efficiency eliminate unsafe reporting delays
  • Clinician/referrer alert provides immediate ‘link’ to scan and report for urgent action
  • Reporting backlogs removed, meeting BSE guidelines for same day reporting
  • Increased flexibility to respond and take on urgent cases, knowing deferred reporting will not slip through the net
  • Essential reporting or second opinion echo support available out-of-hours within 15 minutes
  • 24/7 direct communication line to experienced BSE accredited echocardiographers, going beyond ‘a seven- day NHS’
  • Introduction of flexible working, accessing untapped clinical staffing resource

Supporting information

  • Post-report triage for fast tracking patient to clinical intervention
  • Improve time to diagnosis for clinical expediency and reduction in clinical risk
  • Access to second opinion