Reviewing service

We developed this specialist service after listening to those departments that depend on junior or non-accredited staff year-round, and struggle to keep on top of the backlog of reports requiring sign off. It has been designed with the aim of reducing staff workload and freeing-up valuable onsite resource.

  • Junior or non-accredited echocardiographer performs exam, accesses images onsite via our online zero-footprint platform and completes a preliminary report
  • An ICS Diagnostics senior BSE accredited echocardiographer will then access the report, review, and amend/finalise where necessary
  • The final report will be returned to a location specified by you. Supporting training notes can accompany each report to support the development and training of your physiologists
  • All studies will be securely uploaded and stored within ICS Diagnostics’ cloud environment

Key benefits

  • Eliminates unsafe delays in reporting
  • Reassurance of oversight of junior staff
  • Guaranteed same-day reporting turnaround increases the ability to meet same-day BSE reporting guidelines 
  • Removes any personal bias by providing independent support
  • Tailor the type and level of feedback to your exact requirements
  • Frees up senior staff, allowing them to focus on other key responsibilities