A reviewing service to support your junior and non-accredited echocardiography staff

This service has been designed with the aim of reducing staff workload and freeing-up valuable onsite resource.

Your non-BSE accredited or newly-qualified echocardiographers will acquire their images and upload them, along with a preliminary report, to our secure cloud-based platform. An ICS Diagnostics BSE accredited echocardiographer will then remotely access the images and report, review them, amend the report where necessary and provide feedback.

Key benefits

  • Eliminates delays in waiting for finalised reports
  • Reassurance of oversight of junior staff
  • Guaranteed turnaround reporting times in line with BSE reporting recommendations
  • Tailored feedback to your exact requirements
  • Frees up time and resource of senior staff, allowing them to focus on other key responsibilities
  • Strategic forward planning
  • Robust audit processes and clinical governance procedures


Your clinical staff scans patient onsite

Step 1

Your clinical staff scans patient onsite

Scan uploaded with preliminary report

Step 2

Scan uploaded with preliminary report

ICS Diagnostics reviews and amends report

Step 3

ICS Diagnostics reviews, amends and feeds back on report.

Finalised report returned to you

Step 4

Finalised report returned to you by end of day

Clinical information

  • Clinical expertise provides overview and guidance for your junior or non-accredited staff
  • Post-report triage for fast tracking patient to clinical intervention
  • Improve time to diagnosis for clinical expediency and reduction in clinical risk
  • Clinician/referrer alert provides immediate ‘link’ to scan and report for urgent action
  • Faster report turnaround reduces clinical risk

If you require further information on our range of services please contact us.