A training and mentoring service for echocardiography staff

Here at ICS Diagnostics we?re very aware of the UK-wide staffing issues within echocardiography. As well as helping you manage your resource and skill gaps through our provision of specialist diagnostic services, we can also support the development of your existing staff through our training and mentoring service.

In partnership with you, we?ll provide bespoke training both on and offsite, supporting junior members of staff on their journey to becoming fully independent, accredited echocardiographers. We can also support medical staff with the improvement of skills in obtaining the correct image data set, and in the overall scan interpretation.

Key benefits

Independent structured experienced support for junior staff

Continuous specialist training support for your staff that doesn?t get affected by local pressures or staffing shortages

Increases internal capacity

Tailored assessments based on training programme objectives

Clinician expertise matched to service user

Junior staff develop their clinical practice through independent peer review

Clinical information

  • We can provide both local flexible day-to-day training, or formal structured training plans over an agreed period of time with clearly defined goals
  • Continuous assessment and evaluation on scanning, clinical interpretation and the correlation with structured and logical reporting
  • Working collaboratively towards BSE accreditation
  • Workflows are built in partnership with customers, and are dependent upon the current skills and goals of the trainee

If you require further information on our range of services please get in contact here.