Specialist Vascular Services you can trust

ICS Diagnostics is a specialist provider of a comprehensive range of non-invasive vascular ultrasound diagnostic services, with every aspect of our pioneering clinical support service designed to increase capacity, efficiency, and quality across the vascular ultrasound industry.

The team assess outpatients and inpatients for a wide range of peripheral vascular diseases using non-invasive ultrasound machines. We provide detailed diagnostic reports with stored images and will liaise as appropriate with referring clinicians.

We provide diagnostic expertise in the following areas:

  • Carotid duplex (transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), stroke, screening for early disease)
  • Lower Limb Arterial Duplex (intermittent claudication, acute ischemic disease, aneurysms)
  • Lower Limb Venous Duplex (deep vein thrombosis - acute and chronic; varicose veins)
  • Aortic Duplex (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms)
  • Upper Limb Venous Duplex (thrombosis, thoracic outlet syndrome)
  • Upper Limb Arterial Duplex (ischemia, thoracic outlet syndrome)

We Offer Two Vascular Ultrasound Services:

Acute Vascular Services

Inhouse outpatient, inpatient, and advanced Vascular capacity. Short, medium, and long-term Vascular capacities agreed to allow for fluctuating demand. Equipment may be provided upon request.

Community Vascular services

Outsourced managed Vascular services to support CCGs and community health centres. From the point of patient referral to your receipt of the completed patient report, we’ll manage the entire pathway.

Services Details

  • A comprehensive range of non-invasive specialist vascular ultrasound diagnostic services
  • A highly experienced team of Clinical Vascular Scientists
  • Specialist reported, diagnostic vascular scans
  • A dedicated team of experts supporting you
  • Flexible capacity as your demands and resources change
  • Tailored services to meet your unique requirements, systems and workforce
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting on service performance
  • Robust audit an


ICS Diagnostics scans patient onsite

Step 1

ICS Diagnostics scans patient onsite

Scan uploaded to secure platform

Step 2

Scan uploaded to local or ICS image storage

Completes report remotely

Step 3

Report completed on local or ICS reporting system

Finalised report returned to you by end of day

Step 4

Finalised report returned to you by end of day

If you require further information on our range of services, please get in contact here.